MathMagic Personal Edition Serial Number 5.0

Developer: InfoLogic
Specifications: Version 5.0 includesa various updates, enhancements, additions, and bug fixes.
Requirements: None
Limitation: 50-use trial
Operation system: Windows NT/XP/2003/Vista/7
Price: $49
License: Free to try
Version: v5.0
Downloads: 5419
Rating: 4.8 / Views: 3949
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MathMagic Personal Edition 8.4 Free Download Notice

V6.03 – January 12, 2009 • Added: MathMagic equations inserted in MS Word on Windows can be drag&dropped or copy&pasted into MathMagic window. • Added: MathType(tm) 6 equations inserted in MS Word 2008 Mac can be drag&dropped or copy&pasted into MathMagic window. • Changed: Clipboard PDF format improved to make it work better with Adobe InDesign. • Fixed: DVORAK and other European keyboard layouts are supported for Magic control shortcut key. V5.34 – June 29, 2006 • Added: Frequently used Square & Cube superscripts added in the Script template palette for faster input. • Added: Some more intuitive feedback messages provided during the Authorization. • Fixed: Bug in reading equations with backslash(”) character. • Fixed: Reads MathMagic EPS files created from Windows environment better. • Fixed: Some style changes such as from Italic to Plain, were not applied when exporting as EPS. • Fixed: Leading spaces in the fields of Authorization dialog are handled without alert. Color floating window and Color menu are added. • Printing equations from MS Word document works well without jagged. • TCP/IP error handling has been changed when launched together with MathMagic Pro Edition. • Control-clicking on both line spacing icons(wide, narrow) on Main Toolbar now changes the spacing gap in 1/10 unit of the regular unit. If the minimum value is 0(zero), it allows line overlap which is minus value. • Added: Drag&Drop of MathMagic equation or Text from other applications to MathMagic editor window is now supported. • Added: “Rotate Fence alignment”, “Rotate Root alignment” are added to the Format menu so that user can change the alignment easily without opening a dialog. • Changed: Each new version comes with additional 5 times of trial period even though the previous trial was over. • Changed: Maximum Undo/Redo count is increased up to 50, while the default value is still remaining as 10. • Changed: supports additional graceful trial count for each new version so that user can try the latest version a little more all the time. • Fixed: When saving as EPS(Black or Color), the PICT preview did not include the baseline information and bounding margins. • Fixed: Magic control key did not display the shortcut key tool tip on the pull-down menus of Template or Symbol on Mac OS X 10.3(Panther). • Fixed: The left nose end of Root or Square Root template drawing was too small when the line thickness was thicker. • Fixed: Fraction is in subscript or superscript position as a Script size, the thickness of horizontal line is that of Full size and too thick. • Fixed: Upper accent was not properly positioned when the base character style is Italic. If this is a problem for you please contact customer support team. • Changed: The common MathMagic Preference file is devided into versions and named as: MathMagic Personal 5 Pref, MathMagic Pro 5 Pref, and MathMagic Prime 5 Pref. • Changed: ‘q’ size items changed in Size for frequently used items. • Changed: Default space character selection moved to Shape pane from Misc pane in the Preference dialog. • Fixed: When pasted in Adobe Illustrator, the equation’s left-top corner was far-left. • Fixed: Binary operator symbols were not recognized as Single operators when they come after some of Relational symbols. • Fixed: The values of “Superscript After Gap” and “Subscript After Gap” were not applied when a template is followed. • Fixed: The height of superscript that comes after subscript box was not correct. • Fixed: Embellishments/upper accents on a Greek character moved to the center for MMGreek font and TS Greek font. • Fixed: The circle size of variable integrals(entered with shift key pressed) was smaller than regular integral’s. • Fixed: The double or triple variable O-integrals did not have correct width of the circle. • Fixed: Character accents inside a template accent did not displayed correctly. • Fixed: Line spacing Increase/Decrease button on Main toolbar now refers to its original unit, rather than Display Unit. • Fixed: Subscript box location displayed wrong when inserted from Useritem toolbar. • Fixed: The preview image of EPS export Overprint black setting in Preferences->Spacing -> Export margin pane was wrong. • Fixed: Bigger/Smaller size button(up/down triangle) clicks now increase or decrease by the same unit which is specified in Size menu. • Fixed: Deleting template accents and Undo/Redo of the deleting action did not work properly when more than one components are in the box.